Welcome to Barnum Financial Group, an office of MetLife

I lead a team that provides objective and insightful investment and protection advice. Through a disciplined process, I work to clearly and concisely define you financial issues and objectives and deliver customized guidance, solutions and support.  I can help you address a range of needs including:
  • Retirement Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Risk Management
  • Cash Flow
  • Investment Management
  • Estate Conservation Strategies
Underscoring everything I do is a deep commitment to providing quality service and support throughout our relationship.
I bring that same level of commitment to the causes I am passionate about.  My family and I work to help rescue and find forever homes for dogs who deserve a chance to be someone’s loving companion. 
I also believe strongly in financial literacy, knowing that the more knowledge a person has, the more confident they are in the decisions they make.  As a result, I conduct workshops  and “lunch and learns” in various workplaces as well as at my office.  The goal is to give people clear, accurate information that gives them greater control over their financial future.
 If you are interested in more information about our financial literacy events, please (401) 827-6266 or send an email to pdarsch@metlife.com or

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